550 Calorie Diet?

If you want to lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible you may think that having the least amount of calories per day will make this happen. You may be considering a 550 calorie diet. This is known as a very low calorie diet and you should only follow a 550 calorie diet if it has been advised by your doctor. Also it should only take place under medical supervision.  

The reason for this is because a 550 calorie diet can result in long term health problems related to nutritional deficiencies. Possible health problems include anaemia, reduced immunity, loss of bone mass and fertility problems. In order to lose weight quickly and without compromising your health, you should try the Weight to Go diet. This is a low calorie diet which is full of high-quality protein and packed with vitamins and minerals. Combine the diet with some exercise, such as a 30 minute daily walk, to ensure that the weight you are losing is primarily fat.