600 Calorie Diet?

A 600 calorie diet is a very low calorie diet (VLCD) which is not only extremely difficult to stick to for a longer period of time, but also puts your health at risk. A doctor may advise a 600 calorie diet for certain patients but they are all medically supervised whilst they are on the diet.

If you want to lose weight without risking nutritional deficiencies and without putting your health at risk, it is best to stay away from VLCDs and follow a low calorie diet (LCD) instead. The Weight to Go diet is a nutritionally balanced low calorie diet. The diet has been formulated by a weight loss expert, Dr. Ashton. It has been specifically designed to help keep you on the plan for as long as you need to in order to reach your goal weight. It is very easy to follow and consists of a mixture of high protein delicious shakes and two real meals per day. It also includes delicious energy bars which you can enjoy before or after exercise. Most 600 calorie diets consist of liquids only. It is unrealistic to follow such diets for weeks and weeks. It is therefore likely that you will give up soon after starting it. The delicious variety of real food and the high protein content from the WTG diet means that you may not even feel like you are on a diet! If you enjoy your food and you want fast and safe weight loss, this could be the diet for you!