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Week 10 - Acute bronchitis attacks!

Entered by: Jenna Baker @ 11:09:48 on 15/07/15

Jenna week 10Hello again you lovely lot of slimmers! So this week has been a bit of a tough one in terms of dieting.. I was at the doctors at the beginning of the week and they said I have acute bronchitis! I knew I felt poorly but I didn't realise how poorly I was :( They gave me some medication to take and told me I would need to steer clear of dairy containing foods whilst I complete the medication as dairy can make mucus in some people so best to stay off it to help my chest get better. So after discussing the issue with Weight to Go we agreed I'd avoid shakes and porridge and use the food from the plan flexibly alongside other healthy foods while I get better.

I have to confess I have eaten quite a bit of bread this week, as tea and toast was and always has been a favourite of mine when I'm poorly. I'm pleased though that I have maintained my weight for this week and am weighing in at 12 stone 8 lbs which I'm happy with as it's easy to go well off track when you don't feel well.

I'm feeling better today and am 100% back on plan and hoping to rid myself of these extra pounds before the end of the plan. Only 8 lbs to go, so I'm really hoping a week off may give me a kick start into having a good loss this week. I can't believe I am almost at the end of this wonderful plan ... a lot of thanks to the Weight to Go team, they are a great support and full of advice when needed. I am honestly so pleased with my results so far and would highly recommend this diet to absolutely everyone x

Start weight: 14st 3lbs

Current weight: 12st 8lbs

Week 10 weight loss: 0lbs

Total weight loss: -1st 9lb