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Founded by Dr David Ashton in 2003, Weight to Go has a long heritage in medical research. In 2016 we partnered with ActiDiet, a leading UK supplier of nutritional weight loss foods, to offer our customers a wider range of products and diet plans. Based on sound clinical guidelines, all Actidiet products are fortified with vitamins and minerals and deliver safe, healthy weight loss within a nutritionally balanced diet plan. We're proud to have helped thousands to lose weight.

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Medical Heritage

Weight to Go Ltd is the parent company of both the Weight to Go diet programme and sister company Healthier Weight, the UK's leading weight specialists and provider of surgical weight loss solutions.

Working together since 2003 means that, whether through a diet programme or surgical procedure, the shared expertise and professional experience of Weight to Go Ltd has helped thousands with more than a few stone to lose to achieve their weight loss goals.

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Clinical Research

We believe in delivering a service based on scientific research and that no weight loss claim is worth its salt without the evidence to back it up. That's why, in 2010, we submitted the Weight to Go programme for an independently verified clinical study. The conclusions of an 8 week  trial (5 day diet plan) yielded the following results:

• Average 8.5 lbs weight loss in 4 weeks
• Average 16.5 lbs weight loss in 8 weeks
• Average 3.75 in off waist measurement

Clinically proven to deliver significant weight loss

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual