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Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial when striving for sustained weight loss. Read the Weight to Go blog for helpful advice, news and tips on weight loss.

Dr David Ashton’s Weight Loss Blog

Dr David Ashton has over 20 years specialist knowledge and experience in obesity. Read some of his insights here in Dr David’s Weight Loss Blog.

Helen's Weight Loss Diary

Helen O'Donnell is a mother of two who used to struggle with her weight. Read some of her thoughts on Weight to Go and general dieting advice.

Jenna's Weight Loss Diary

Jenna has followed her best friend Cassie's example and decided to lose weight before donning a bridesmaid's dress this summer.

Cassie's Wedding Countdown

Cassie has enlisted the help of Weight to Go! to reach her target weight before her wedding day. Here she writes a blog and video diary detailing each step on her journey.

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5 tricks to help you feel better in your everyday life

Entered by: Weight to Go Team @ 10:54:15 on 11/09/17
      Our daily chores can sometimes make our lives very stressful and we end up forgetting to enjoy every day. We always wait for something to happen and say to ourselves once it does I can finally relax and be happy but then something else comes along. Without realizing we waste perfectly good days worrying about things that are out of our contro...

Does losing a stone really make a difference to your health?

Entered by: Weight to Go Team @ 01:29:27 on 22/08/17
    As professionals who have been in the industry for over 17 years, we have heard this question many times. It's absolutely crutial for us to be able to emphasize on the difference a single stone can make so we have put together a list of 6 key things that have a direct impact. Here are six key ways losing just one stone can measurably improve y...

Does being overweight affect your career?

Entered by: Weight to Go Team @ 02:49:05 on 17/08/17
     Could losing weight be a direct investment in your career as well as in your physical health? Many obese people do not even realize the impact of their weight on their career, but recent evidence suggests that weight can profoundly affect employer’s perception of overweight people. The Wall Street Journal, citing data from the Center for C...

Does drinking green tea help with weight loss?

Entered by: Weight to Go @ 11:48:34 on 11/07/17
    According to some celebrity endorsements, the easy way to get rid of that middle-aged spread it to sit back and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Given that we Brits drink around 165 million cups of tea every day (or 60 billion a year) we should be among the slimmer countries in the world rather than one of the fattest. So this looks like another good ...

The complete bariatric surgery diet guide

Entered by: Weight to Go Team @ 10:25:47 on 11/07/17
  Bariatric surgery is a lifesaving procedure and it will help you lose weight, improve your mobility and even increase your life expectancy (1). However, preparing for weight loss surgery can be very overwhelming and exciting at the same time which can sometimes lead to overlooking important success factors such as the necessary pre-and post-op di...