Diet Plans

Our range of diet plans suit a variety of different lifestyles and needs. Whether you're looking to lose over 2 stones and feel you need a structured diet plan or you've lost weight and want to keep it off with a maintenance plan, there is something for everybody (and every body type!) Each diet plan is simple to follow with no calorie counting or points system to worry about, just choose your plan by deciding how many items you want to swap each day and then all you have to do is decide which delicious shakes, soups, meals, puddings and snacks you want to try. Your chosen diet plan will then be delivered to you within 3 working days.

To prepare the meals: All ActiDiet food is sent to you in convenient sachets that you can store in a cupboard and easily carry with you in your handbag or lunch box. When you're ready to eat, simply add cold water and mix into a delicious shake, soup or meal. Soups and meals will require a microwave or hob to heat once mixed. Your easy, quicks and delicious way to lose weight!

Make your selection below for more information and to choose how long you'd like your diet plan to last.

  • Maintenance plan

    Swap 1 meal per day to prevent any weight creeping back on after losing it

  • Maintenance plan image
  • from £7.85

  • Swap 2 meals per day as part of a healthy diet for steady weight loss

  • Easy plan image
  • from £15.50

  • Swap 3 meals per day and combine with a home-cooked meal. Ideal for busy lives

  • Flexi plan image
  • from £22.50

  • Swap all 4 meals and snacks per day for rapid, healthy weight loss.

  • Total plan image
  • from £29.50


About Actidiet

In 2016 Weight to Go partnered with Actidiet, a leading UK supplier of nutritionally balanced weight loss foods, to enable us to offer a wider range of weight loss products to our customers. We have over 13 years of weight loss experience and expertise at Weight to Go and we are delighted to have found a supplier who shares our belief that diet plans should deliver safe, healthy and sustainable weight loss for the long term. There are many different kinds of diet plans on the market and the chances are you have tried a number of them. Finding one that suits your lifestyle can be tricky, some people prefer the structure and discipline of following a full meal replacement plan, whilst others enjoy preparing their own food. The good news is that with Actidiet, there's a plan to suit everyone.

So why choose a diet plan from Weight to Go / Actidiet?

  Flexible - choose your balance between a structured diet and the freedom to prepare your own food. Swap 1-4 meals a day

  Easy and hassle free - all your food is delivered to your door. Simply swap your normal meal for any of our low-calorie alternatives

  Nutritionally balanced - all products are fortified with 25% of your daily requirements of key vitamins and minerals

  No hidden nasties! No aspartame, MSG, artifical colourings or genetically modified ingredients

  Tasty food - Choose from our delicious range of diet shakes, porridge, soups, meals, puddings, pancakes and more

  Long lasting weight loss results

  Great value


Getting started with your diet plan


How to order: Ordering your diet plan is simple. Choose your plan based on how many meals you would like to swap each day and then decide how many weeks you would like to order. The more weeks you buy, the better value your diet plan will be.

Delivery: Orders received before midday Monday-Friday will be sent out the same day and will be delivered to your door on the next working day. The delivery charge is £4.50 for standard delivery or you can opt for a Saturday delivery for £6.50 if it's more convenient.

Starting your diet: Everything you need to get started is within your hamper so as soon as it arrives, you're good to go! Many people like to start a diet plan on a Monday for a fresh start but there's no need to delay getting started. If you're committed to making your diet plan work, you'll get results no matter what day of the week you start!

Getting the best results: How much weight you'll lose on any diet plan will depend on the balance between calories you take in from food and calories you use in physical activity. Of course, we've taken care of the food for you with low calorie, nutritionally balanced products but the activity is up to you. For the best weight loss results, stick to your diet plan and try and combine it with an increase in physical activity. It doesn't have to be a flat-out session at the gym, just taking the dog for a walk, swapping the lift for the stairs at work or taking the kids to the park all add up.