• Diet Ready Meals

    Our diet ready meals are back! Our chefs have been busy in the kitchens preparing a new batch of delicious meals in portable pouches. These nutritionally balanced, real food meals are low calorie, high in protein and paked with flavour. We have a range of healthy, tasty flavours to choose from including Red Thai Chicken Curry, Beef with Black Bean Sauce, Moroccan Style Chickpea and Apricot Tagine and more.

    They're conveniently stored in the cupboard and really simple to cook. Just shake, tear at the sides and microwave for 3 minutes on full power. Leave to stand for 1 minute before consuming.

    The best news is the price! At just £1.80 per pouch these represent great value. At the moment, these are only available to purchase individually but can be used as part of a weight loss plan. Just replace a main meal with one of the delicious alternatives below.

    • Our range

    • low calorie beef meal

      Diet Beef In Black Bean Sauce

      Tender beef with red peppers and spring onion in a rich black bean sauce! With just 342 calories this dish is less than half the calories of a regular Beef in Black Bean Sauce. The perfect heavy-lunch substitute! 

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      low calorie beef meal

      Diet Chicken In Creamy Mushroom Sauce

      This full of flavour meal is packed with Protein (33.9g) and Fibre (1.2g) and just 271 calories. This meal can easily become your LCD's 4th meal due to the low calorie it contains.


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      low calorie diet ready meals

      Diet Chicken Balti Saag

      This full of flavour, 231 calorie Chicken Balti Saag is made up of Chicken, Chopped Tomatoes, Onion, Red Pepper, Sweet Potato, Spinach and flavour enhancing spices.

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      low calorie chinese chicken curry

      Diet Chinese Chicken Curry

      Tender Chicken cooked with Ginger, Garlic and Chinese Five Spice. This 276 calorie cautious meal contain less than half the calories of a regular chinese chicken curry!

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      low calorie chicken curry ready meal

      Diet Red Thai Chicken Curry

      This full of flavour diet meal is packed with protein and fibre, though it is just 330 calories. Ready in 4 minutes compared to over 3 hours self-cooking, allowing you to spend your valuable time doing something you love.


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      low calorie diet ready meals

      Diet Chickpea Tagine

      Butternut Squash, Chopped Tomatoes, Chickpeas, Onion, Carrot and Apricots are some of the healthy ingredients in our comforting tagine. Packed with flavour, our easy cook ready meal contains only 135Kcal compared to 320Kcal in a regular tagine!

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