Maintenance diet plan 

  • What is it?

    Our Maintenance diet plan is the most flexible of all of our plans and simply entails swapping one meal a day for one of our low calorie products. For all other meals you continue with your normal daily menu.

    The Maintenance plan is ideal if you have achieved your weight loss goal and now want to protect your hard work, making sure you don't put any weight back on. Using just one of our low calorie, high protein products each day will keep your calories in check and help to keep you feeling full, reducing temptation to snack on high calorie items that are so accessible when you return to eating "normal" foods.

    You can choose from a wide variety of products and whether you want to start your day with a protein porridge, fill yourself up with a diet shake or treat yourself to a chocolate pudding, you'll be making a healthy choice. All of our products contain 25% of the key vitamins and minerals your body requires for safe, healthy weight loss.

  • The benefits are:

    Keeps calories in check
    Reduced hunger
    Reduced cravings

    Recommended for you if:

    You only have a few pounds to lose or you are looking to maintain your weight loss by keeping an eye on your calorie intake.

Example of daily plan

Rapid plan

  • 1 Week
    (7 items)


  • 2 Weeks
    (14 items)


  • 3 Weeks
    (21 items)


  • 4 Weeks
    (28 items)




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How does it work?

The principle behind each of our plans is simple: select how many weeks you'd like to buy (no automatic subscriptions here), choose your products and we'll send your order within 1 working day (if ordered before 12pm). When your box arrives, you don't need to worry about refrigeration, all products can be kept in their box or stored in a cupboard. You are ready to start swapping meals and snacks with your chosen items, we simply ask that you adhere to our nutritional guidelines for safe and healthy weight loss. 

How does it work?


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