Weight loss success stories

Weight to Go has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals. Here are a few of our successful weight loss stories. If you have any dieting or weight loss stories you would like to share with us then please submit your story.




Zumba teacher Helene lost 2 stones*

“When embarking on a weight loss programme, the last thing you want to be doing is cooking!"

This has got to be the busiest life – EVER!

Just watch Helene Panzarino stride down the road and you will see the bounce and energy of this sassy American from New Jersey before her broad smile and rapid speech hits you full on.  One of 6 children born to a 24 stones Jewish mom (whose family converted to Catholicism), Helene grew up surrounded by “emotional obesity”.  She went to the University of Pennsylvania and studied Middle Eastern politics with German but somehow ended up in London working in the banking sector.  Confessing to a love of chicken and bacon sandwiches Helene says she was “everyone’s fat friend”.  A dizzying portfolio of jobs meant Helene spent huge amounts of time at work and very little on other activities. Weight piled on, especially after her father died when Helene was in her forties.  It was after getting stuck in an airline seat on the way back from her father’s funeral that Helene decided to do something about it, but with HH cups, she was not going near a gym!  She learned to play tennis instead - and to concentrate on the ball and not her boobs bouncing around! Time to diet again! A determined effort saw her lose 100 lbs but she still had 20 stubborn pounds to go when she came across Weight to Go.

Helene says “When embarking on a weight loss programme, the last thing you want to be doing is cooking.  I saw Weight to Go on Ideal TV shopping channel and I thought it looked cost effective and easy to follow.  That was important to me because I work in many locations through the day and I could take my food and shakes with me in my handbag.  I loved the diet.  I did the wheat free diet as I don’t tolerate certain foods very well.  The shakes taste fab and are so filling, except the strawberry which was too sweet for me”.

Helene now squeezes every last minute out of life as she trains with a Para- Olympian, works as a consultant and trainer for an organisation supporting disabled entrepreneurs, is writing a book about learning to love yourself; runs business workshops, gives motivational talks, and teaches Zumba part time to classes including some well known celebrities.  Wouldn’t we like to know who!