Weight loss success stories

Weight to Go has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals. Here are a few of our successful weight loss stories. If you have any dieting or weight loss stories you would like to share with us then please submit your story.




Future bridesmaid Jenna's weight loss diary*

"I have tried many diets but with being really busy I struggle to stay on plan... which is where Weight to Go comes in. I found that on browsing the site it was pretty clear that this works fantastically for someone that is busy or needs help with eating the right foods... so I'm taking the plunge and my order for a 12 week plan is in!" Join Jenna on her journey with weekly blogs and pictures

Jenna will be writing a new blog every week until her best friend's wedding, where she is a bridesmaid. Read her first blog entry here

So here's a little bit about me. I’m Jenna, 25 (almost 26), born and bred in Newcastle... I’m a Mammy/wife on the go. I have a gorgeous almost 3 year old boy, he is absolutely amazing and has such an awesome personality, I quite literally can't get enough! I am lucky enough to be a full-time Mammy, getting to spend this amazing time with my little boy watching him grow so beautifully into the little fella he is. With being a busy Mammy comes eating rubbish foods on the go and finding myself halfway through a chocolate bar every day for a sugar fix. This has led me to gain my weight, currently weighing in at 14st 3lbs and I'm 5ft 3."

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