Weight loss success stories

Weight to Go has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals. Here are a few of our successful weight loss stories. If you have any dieting or weight loss stories you would like to share with us then please submit your story.




Cindy loses 5st 2lbs to regain wedding figure*

"I decided to lose weight so my husband (who is abroad regularly) would come home to someone looking more like the wife he married almost 9 years ago (May 2006)."

My husband is originally from The Gambia, West Africa and goes home most years to visit his family and friends. Each year I don’t go with him I usually surprise him by redecorating, changing the home around, doing something in the garden. Last year I was wondering what to do this time. (We had a difficult 18 months prior as my youngest daughter developed Epilepsy and the year previously when he had gone home I spent six weeks looking after my daughter as she was hospitalised. A terribly hard time for us as a family and my weight soared as I sunk into depression. I also lost two of my closest friends and ate for comfort). I decided to lose weight so he would come home to someone looking more like the wife he married almost 9 years ago (May 2006).

So when he went to Africa last September, I ordered my first Weight to Go package and started my journey. I lost 7lbs in the first week and felt inspired. I then joined a local women only toning tables/gym and the weight fell off. Six weeks later when my husband returned I had lost about one and a half stone. He was amazed! I felt and looked fab and decided to continue so I could fit into my wedding clothes again. To date I have gone from 17st 1lb to 12st 9lbs. I fit in my wedding clothes and in fact weigh less than I did when we got married. My goal is to see what I look like at 12st 1lb and maybe even go to 11 stone. I am not sure yet what my ultimate goal is. I am going a stone at a time. But so far I’ve lost 5st and 2lbs!  I am also toning my body as I go as I am trying to avoid hanging skin. 

I have tried many diets in the past and Weight to Go is the tastiest, most convenient and easiest one I have ever had. I tried a week’s worth of food to make sure I liked it before ordering more. I use my fitness pal, map my run apps and got a Fitbit for Christmas too. I love the Facebook page too. I am loving the new me!!