Weight loss success stories

Weight to Go has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals. Here are a few of our successful weight loss stories. If you have any dieting or weight loss stories you would like to share with us then please submit your story.




Vicky from Birmingham lost over 4 stones*

“I used to hide away in baggy tops and jogging bottoms, but now I wear the latest fashion.” Vicky Kaur

Vicky was nearly 13 stone and hated the way she looked.  She avoided going to parties and never exercised.  But now at 8 stone she loves meeting up with her friends and works out three times a week.

She enjoyed the ease and convenience of the diet and was amazed that it took her less than six months to achieve her goals.

“I’d never managed to stick to a diet before and always put the weight back on, but with Weight to Go it was easy.”

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