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  • How to use our BMI calculator

    Simply enter your height and weight in the form opposite and we'll calculate your BMI. Based on this result we will recommend a weight loss plan for you to follow.

    A bit about BMI

    As a means of assessing risk in those who are overweight, BMI is a little outdated. The fact it was invented in the 19th century should be enough to make us look for an alternative method (read blog on waist measurement). BMI still works as a good rule of thumb though which is why it's still so widely used but it doesn't work for everyone. Weight lifters for example can have a very high BMI but be perfectly healthy. So don't get hung up on your BMI. If, after losing some weight, you feel great and look in the mirror and absolutely LOVE what you see, but your BMI is still above the healthy range of 25kg/m2, don't worry about it. Being happy with your weight is the main goal.


    Our diet plans

    Each of our 5 different diet plans involves swapping a number of your daily meals and snacks for our diet foods. There's no need to worry about whether you'll be getting enough vitamins and minerals as all our products are fortified with around 25% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of essential vitamins. So a Flexi diet plan, which includes 3 foods per day, would give you 75% of your RDA with the other 25% coming from your own evening meal.

    There's a plan to suit every lifestyle, whether you're a stay at home mum with some baby weight to lose or a late night shift worker looking for quick and easy meals that are a bit healthier. Take a look at our diet plans below.

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