Our pre and post operative diet plan is recommended by bariatric surgeons

Food for Bariatric Surgery

If you're having a bariatric (weight loss) surgery procedure eg gastric band, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve your consultant will have advised you to follow a carefully planned pre and post-op diet. It's important to follow this advice to ensure the best possible outcome from your surgery.

Following 14 years experience of treating bariatric patients, sister company Healthier Weight designed a number of Weight to Go hampers specifically for bariatric patients. These hampers are designed not only to meet the nutritional needs of a bariatric patient in the pre and post-op phases but to help remove confusion over which foods are suitable in which phase.


Our pre-op diet consists of 3 shakes and 2 soups per day

Surgery dietPre-operative Phase
5 days before surgery

The recommended duration of the pre-operative diet is 5 days for most patients although it may be longer depending on your BMI. A low calorie diet of 800-1000 kcal per day is important to reduce fat around the stomach and shrink the size of the liver making the surgery safer and improving your surgical outcome and post-operative recovery. A high protein diet is also important to preserve and protect muscle tissue. The Weight to Go Surgery Box contains all you need every day (3 shakes/porridge and 2 soups per day). We recommend you use a good quality multi vitamin supplement during this period. You can buy this from any reputable supermarket or pharmacy.

The post surgery phase consists of liquids only for the first 14 days, followed by soft solids and purees

Surgery diet Post-operative Phase
Days 1- 28 after surgery

The main concern in this phase is to reduce the risk of a post-operative complication but it's also a time to adjust portion control for long term success. In the weeks after your surgery, it's important to follow guidelines on food texture to limit vomiting. On days 1-14 days you'll follow a liquids only diet to allow time for your stomach to recover and surrounding tissue to heal. On days 15-28 you'll introduce soft solids / pureed foods.

Vitamins and Minerals – We do not recommend taking a vitamin and mineral supplement during this phase. If you choose to do so you should make sure that the multivitamin is either in powder form or is ground in order to reduce the risk of you retching or vomiting, something we want to avoid during this period.


The Weight to Go Surgery Box: For your 5 day pre-op and 4 week post-op diet.
 75 shakes, 24 porridge, 38 soups and 14 meals, all for just £160


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Maintenance dietMaintenance Phase
Long term

If your weight loss surgery follows years of failing with diets, it's understandable to want to leave dieting behind you. You don't need to follow a strict diet but monitoring calories and portion sizes makes it easier to reach and stay at your target weight. Some find that a porridge and shake per day works for them, others use 3 shakes per day and add an evening meal. Simply slot Weight to Go products into your daily menu however it suits you.